44 things I learned from AUM


It’s time to say goodbye to my AUM family. I leave with great experiences and great friends. Ah, and these 40 things I’ll always remember:

  1. People are horny all around the world
  2. I yet don’t know what people are thinking when they upload their photos. Have some self-respect
  3. People can contact the support of a website with the most stupid questions
  4. Grammar in the descriptions is underrated
  5. Being old and ugly is so OUT
  6. Parties can be the hardest thing to get, specially when you’re not in it. What a headache.
  7. AUM The Roadtrip will always be in our hearts
  8. Thursdays can be the greatest days to celebrate birthdays
  9. All kind of people are searching their “half”… to basically sleep with
  10. Getting goodies made in Colombia can be such an life-achieving goal
  11. The 4th floor is like a mysterious land that I never got to really discover
  12. There are many kinds of chocolate… and you can find them in AUM’s drawers
  13. Nespresso can be you’re best friend. Just after Evian.
  14. The amount of Evian bottles consumed everyday may contaminate up until the next three generations of human beings
  15. Having drinks after work, should be an institution
  16. Knowing the international team it’s normal to speak at least 3 languages. Normal.
  17. A reality show of what happens daily in the lunch break will be a hit
  18. I got to meet 5 other great Colombian interns and we all kinda rock.
  19. Interns are super creative people, with great ideas and ambitions
  20. People who speak Spanish run the world, and those who don’t should learn it  😉
  21. Being gay, for men, and have a French boyfriend, for everyone, should be seems to be a rule to be an intern
  22. My AUM peers are a lot like a family
  23. I, now, have friends from all around the world, and I love it
  24. Paris is a great city for friendships

A ‘Group Lunch’ will never be the same without you. That’s why I’ll never forget:
25. Miz Consejos. Still waiting for the youtube web series
26. Natalia’s obsessions for all 90s, specially Mexican singers
27. Bea’s “jokes” ❤
28. Paola’s knowledge of pop culture
29. Onur being very expressive…. always :*
30. Kazia’s party-organizer lost career path
31. Margaraaaaaa
32. Mariana’s lovely accent
33. The amount of sushi consumed by Lais, Barbara and Marcos #BrazilianStuff (and obviously Onur)
34. Alan tryin’ to be like me
35. Julian’s great energy, all times, all the time
36. PL and Adri being pros at ordering all kinds of lists every week
37. Clara’s pointy but thoughtful critiques
38. Seb, always smiling.
39. Tomás being present and super loud in all meals and plans
40. Maria’s 2048 obsession in all forms
41. Stefania, Elisabetta and Giulia being early all the time (specially to get food from the 4th floor).
42. Flora’s quietness, but just in the office
43. Lore’s big smile
44. Carolina’s humbleness

I love you guys. What a pleasure to work with all of you!!!


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